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About Us

“Someone always has it worse than you”

                              is what I grew up hearing a lot. And up until recently, it almost had me fooled. Our problems didn’t matter, we told ourselves, because someone always had it worse. We were told off for expressing emotion, expected to tough it out, and blatantly criticized and looked down upon every time we let out so much as a tear. It may be the twenty-first century now, but every time we hear the words “counselling” or “therapy”, we can’t help but still think about mental illness in its most repulsive of forms. And as bitter as it may be to take in, we are battling the stigma, but we are also a part of it.

My experiences with suffering had me wanting to leave the world a better place than I found it. As I watched friends and family tread through the injustices of life barefoot, I found my calling in psychology. You can call it a selfish choice-- every insight I took away was in my self-interest. Talk about “loving your job!” Yet somehow, having worked with thousands of clients still wasn’t doing it for me. Given the poor ratio of mental health professionals to the general public, how would we ever measure up to the country we claimed to be?

Something had to be done. And when a bunch of people want something so passionately, they can’t help but end up together. So as an aggressively eager team, we set out to create a platform that would serve to bring the experts closer to you while doing its part to minimize the stigma.

SamarthApp is your one-stop online therapy/counselling partner. It is our earnest attempt at bridging the gap between help and the one who seeks to be helped.

Our Values

Here at SamarthApp, your mental and emotional health is our priority, and we will go out on a limb to make sure your needs are met. We bring you a platform to satisfy all your counseling needs so you can fearlessly pursue your best self. Our experts are devoted to help you work through your problems and achieve harmony in all aspects of your personal, social, interpersonal, and career issues that affect your mental and emotional well-being.

As a team, we believe in honesty, empathy, trust, courage, enthusiasm, compassion, and growth.
Let your healing journey begin!

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