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Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi is a clinical psychologist, child psychologist, counselling psychologist, and a family & marriage therapist. He is a registered professional with RCI New Delhi (Govt. of India). Dr. Tripathi has completed his Ph.D. from DAVV, Indore. He has a qualifying degree in Clinical Psychology, approved by the Government. He has an M. Phil in Medical and Social Psychology from RCI-Recognized PGIBAMS, Raipur and PGDGC from RDVV, Jabalpur. He has trained in the fields of psychotherapy, psychological counselling, family therapy, psychological assessment, psychological therapeutics, hypnotherapy, and Health and Organizational Psychology. His skills have been honed by meticulous clinical exposure. Dr. Tripathi established his own clinic in Indore in 2005. In this profession, he has helped people assess their problems, analyze, test, and has provided psychotherapy, and counselling and rehabilitation regarding mental health. He has also carried out various programs including educating the masses about mental health, and has organized workshops and training for doctors, paramedics, students, and general public alike about all aspects of mental health. He has arranged several awareness and information, education, communication (IEC) programs to educate the public about mental health.


MA (Psychology)

MPhil in Clinical Psychology

PhD (Psychology)

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Presently, he is one of the great psychologists in the country, and an excellent career counselor and corporate trainer.

  • Specialist Name Dr Sanjeev Tripathi
  • Specility Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist, Counsellor, Life Coach