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This Privacy Policy was last updated on August 03, 2021.

1. Privacy Policy

To your profile, you may add your name, picture, and email address. You may also set a login password.
SamarthApp will never distribute your personal information to experts except your name, phone number, and location. We may however be legally required to communicate your information under situations involving law and jurisdiction.
Any communication between you and an expert through call is private and is not monitored by SamarthApp. We do not record your calls.
We may collect your IP address and transaction details. We may also place cookies on your machine for a better, personalized experience of the platform.
You have the option to terminate your account with us as you see fit.

2. Limitation of Liability

Consequences and compliance of the services availed through experts contacted through this platform are solely at your discretion and neither SamarthApp, nor any of its members/employees shall be held liable for anomalies. You hereby indemnify SamarthApp against any liabilities that may arise in the event of your use of this platform in a way that violates these terms.
SamarthApp also renounces liability to any errors in content published on the platform.

3. Payment

You shall avail services on this platform by making a payment as mentioned against the service on the checkout page.
You are encouraged to support non-solicitation by refraining from making the payment directly or through a medium outside of this platform. You can, however, choose to do it at your own risk.

4. Refund Policy

If, in unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to avail the services of an expert, the amount will be reimbursed to you within 15 working days if eligible for a refund. Eligibility criteria include:

  1. Unavailability of an expert.
  2. If you don’t listen from the expert in 48 hours since you’ve made the payment to book a session/callback/chat
  3. If your transaction fails but the amount is deducted from your account

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, you also follow the terms and conditions of our payment partner, RazorPay.

In case you haven't received a refund within 15 working days, try contacting your bank. If you're still clueless, drop us a mail at